The launching of - Jam

The idea was to build a site/service for people doing home improvements. There was already sites like Checkatrade and Trusted Trader but when you used these sites nine times out of ten it attracted a flood of calls to your home.

And very few tradesmen would give you a price without a long and drawn out process of quotations, and then each quotation varied hugely so then there was the problem of going back to discuss and get quotations to comparing on a like-for-like basis.

In the end, particularly for small jobs, you would give and leave for another day. So I was keen to create something that immediately showed you the price for the job online; to remove the old fashioned come out and quote process.

So the concept of an instant price service was born – People would select elements of their improvement project from dropdowns, and then a shortlist of matched tradesmen would show prices online.

Users can log in to their Priceatrade inbox to view tradesmen and their prices for jobs submitted. And likewise tradesmen could log in to see the jobs and those selected by the user to proceed with.

Tradesmen can set the types of jobs they want to receive and the prices charged, making the quotation process instant, online, and stress-free for the user.

Tradesmen can set locations they can work. Users can submit Amazon style ratings to help others choose the right tradesman.

An Advice section was built by trade area, and a Forum; then a video to help with the launch. Starting with concept boards…


The animated video was created and loaded to Youtube and the site…

Initial awareness marketing has started on social networks and Google, and promotional partnerships are currently being set up with related online service providers.

The site was tested in Bristol and Reading and the conversion rate was on target at 2%, with bounce rate from Google ads of 40% which low considering the brand has zero awareness at the moment.

From little acorns…watch this space!

Lot’s to do yet!

After launching in the UK the plan (if successful in the UK) is to launch or franchise in different countries across Europe.

Will keep y’all updated as to how I get on over the coming weeks/months!

All the best!

Matthew Brown 😉

About Matthew Brown

Matthew has 20 years director level experience in digital marketing and website development, with particular strengths in SEM, SEO and CRO. Matthew started Jam in 2000 to serve SMEs; originally with website design services.But over the last 10 years the focus has widened to include the array of digital marketing channels.


  • Alex says:

    Hi Matthew
    This looks great, can you add to the blog more about the coding behind the site please? I am thinking of building something similar for another industry, Thanks!

    • Matthew Brown says:

      Hi Alex – will definitely be updating this page – so much to write, but yes in the next few days 😉

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