VDM Pack 3

twitterThe Virtual Digital Marketing Pack 3 is our bestseller – combining Google, Ad Networks and the main Social sites (Facebook, Twitter and (where relevant) Linked In) to ensure maximum brand awareness and conversion.

Google typically drives site conversions while the ad networks and social pages drive brand awareness (which in turn drives up the efficiency of Google campaigns, lowering the cost per acquisition). The combination of all three has proved to deliver the best results for our clients.

Also running all three channels in parallel opens up several combination options to maximise performance.


Social advertising gives added targeting benefit

The addition of advertising on social networks allows both additional levels of targeting of user demos and interests, and also the ability to mix ad messaging in to editorial/user content areas, giving an extra kick to your business.

Enhanced insight and optimisation possibilities

Using all three channels gives us the opportunity to take optimisation to new levels. Weekly reports will be sent weekly, including recommendations for optimistion and AB testing.

A case in point

Intel commissioned JamComm to optimise its Adword campaigns across EMEA.

In just 12 months cost per click was reduced by 20% and conversions increased by 30%, providing an increased ROI of 56%!

“I was impressed with Matthew’s subject matter expertise in SEO and SEM…Matthew’s results were also strong almost doubling site conversions via AB testing”

− Nick Viney, EMEA VP Software Sales, Intel Security

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