VDM Pack 2

The Virtual Digital Marketing Pack 2 provides you with the Google advertising package of Pack 1, but in addition we set up and manage Display Network campaigns.

These are display ad campaigns across a range of ad networks, optimised with targeting (contextual, behavourial, lookalike) and can include remarketing campaigns (and using sequential ad programmes).

We can also go further and set up dynamic ad campaigns to build a range of ad+landing page programmes for optimisation.

Targeting and Dynamic

Our staff will set up a range of site targeting programmes based on site content and user behaviours. We can also set up a programme of dynamic ads and landing pages for remarketing, reacting to the user’s behaviour on networks and your site.

Weekly reporting and AB tests

Regular performance reporting is essential for optimisation and we will be giving a series of ad optimisation initiatives and AB testing proposals.

A case in point

Intel commissioned JamComm to optimise its Adword campaigns across EMEA.

In just 12 months cost per click was reduced by 20% and conversions increased by 30%, providing an increased ROI of 56%!

“I was impressed with Matthew’s subject matter expertise in SEO and SEM…Matthew’s results were also strong almost doubling site conversions via AB testing”

− Nick Viney, EMEA VP Software Sales, Intel Security

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