SEO results

Ranking is only one of the results of SEO, but it is a pretty important one – check our results..

Intel McAfee #1 for ‘internet security’ check it

Character PLC #3 for ‘Fireman Sam toys’ check it

Showsec #1 for ‘show security’ check it

Walfins #1 for ‘lawn mowers Swindon’ check it

Haygain #1 for ‘horse cough’ check it

Bowlamania #3 for ‘lawn bowling equipment’ check it

Priceatrade #3 for ‘bathroom specialist’ check it

Another is traffic

In just three months organic traffic to the Character site doubled!

Another measure is client feedback

convo“I was impressed with Matthew’s subject matter expertise in SEO and SEM”  Nick Viney, EMEA VP Software Sales, Intel Security

“Very impressed. A professional and supportive business.” David Rowell, Sales and Design Director, Peak Aluminium

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jam – the company has been very approachable and all our requests were dealt with quickly and efficiently.” Serena Elder, Marketing Manager, Lexmark

“Thank you once again…amazing service…great attention to detail…whole team is very pleased.” Kate Smethurst, IT Development Manager, Showsec ICMS

And industry feedback

convo“Matt has an exemplary understanding of digital, both in terms of the strategy and the tools needed to drive a businesses growth but also the execution. ” Harry Walker, Industry Head, Google

“The first thing anyone will notice about Matt is his incredible passion….significant experience in the digital space….enables him to push … performances to the max.” Ina Lessenich, Account Director, LinkedIn

A case in point

Online learning platform Open University began SEO work to drive ranking across Europe.

Within just 6 months of work SEO traffic accounted for 25% of total site traffic, and was achieving a Cost/Enquiry of just £15. 20 top search terms (e.g. ‘degree’ and ‘MBA’) ranked #1 in Germany, Frances and The Netherlands. This is a significant result considering the level of competition for these terms from universities across Europe, and also that the Cost/Enquiry achieved on Paid Search ads was 10x higher at £150-200.

The site also now ranks number 2 in the UK for ‘degree’ and number 1 for ‘online degree’, as well as a range of subject terms.


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