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The opportunity from SEO is sizeble. A study by GroupM UK and Neilsen based on 1.4 bllion searches from 28 million UK users on Google and Bing found that search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results by a margin of 94% to 6%. The study also found that the top three results accounted for 68% of the clicks (48% for position 1, 12% for position 2, and 8% for position 3).


The cost argument for SEO over Adwords?

From our experience with clients the Cost per Enquiry (CPE) for an Adwords averages at £40 (based on a CPC of £2 and a 5% conversion rate). With SEO the CPE can be as little as £5.

The ‘quadruple whammy’?

In addition to the traffic volume and cost benefits outlined above, there is the additional traffic benefit from ‘outreach’ work, and also the benefit of increased conversion rates that s typlical from a higher quality organic traffic.

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A case in point

Legal services business Futurelex (now part of Thomson Reuters and Elevate) commissioned Jam to develop its SEO traffic.

In just 12 months SEO traffic accounted for 40% of total site traffic with a Cost/Enquiry of just £5. The average across all paid for ad channels was £25.

The site ranked number 1 for over 50 terms including ‘lawyer’, ‘solicitor’, ‘legal advice’ and ‘personal injury’; and the conversion rate lifted from 5% to 10%.

“Matthew has a great grasp of all the digital elements required to deliver excellent results”

− Mark Wyatt, CEO, Futurelex


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