Online Advertising

An estimated 80% of shoppers shop online in the UK, and according to Statista (Jan 2020) Google owns 87% of top search queries in the UK. Jam have staff fully certified in Google advertising, both Search and Display, so you’re in good hands.

Google Search Advertising

We will set up and optimise your Google Ads campaigns. Work includes Keyword Research, Ad Text development, Landing Page development, AB Testing and Quality Score optimisation. We are Google Ads Search Certified.


Google Display Advertising

Google Display is a great way to build brand awareness across the Google’s network of over 2 million websites, YouTube, Gmail and Apps. We are Google Display Certified.

“Matt has an exemplary understanding of digital, both in terms of the strategy and the tools needed to drive a businesses growth but also the execution.” – Harry Walker, Industry Head, Google

A case in point

Intel Security (McAfee) needed improved Google advertising performance.

Work included keyword research, AB testing of landing pages, ad text testing, conversion testing of terms and website journey design optimisation. Over 12 months traffic to the site increased by +40%; on the same budget, with a +35% improvement to Cost/Acquisition.

“I was impressed with Matthew’s subject matter expertise in SEO and SEM…Matthew’s results were also strong almost doubling site conversions via AB testing”

− Nick Viney, EMEA VP Software Sales, Intel Security



Display Network advertising

We can also run your advertising across a range of Display Networks apart from Google’s GDN. We can buy ad space across a range of publisher platforms/networks (SSPs), the benefit over Google being that often we can achieve significant lower CPC/CPM charges withut any loss of targeting ability.

We can also buy unsold space for fractions of the normal price. Read more here. Contact us today or talk to us on the chat line below to see what’s possible.

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