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According to Radicati Group, more than 3.7 billion people worldwide use email. That’s almost 54% of the world’s population. Email marketing has two distinct advantages over other digital channels – cost and personalisation, but there’s more.


1. Email marketing is cost-effective

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to reach and engage your target audience.

In addition to its relatively low cost of email software (e.g. Mailchimp), email marketing also provides a high return on investment (ROI). According to Campaign Monitor, every $1 spent on email marketing typically generates about $38 in ROI.

2. You can reach more mobile customers with email marketing

The number of consumers using mobile devices to browse and shop online continues to climb – currently in the UK sitting around 60-70%. Statista predicts that the number of worldwide mobile phone users is expected to surpass five billion by the year 2019.

With two-thirds of emails being read on smartphones or tablets, email marketing proves to be an effective tactic for helping businesses reach and engage those consumers that are using their mobile device.

3. You can automate the email marketing process

There are many digital marketing processes that just can’t be automated. (At least, not successfully.) However, email marketing lends well to automation. In fact, automating your emails helps improve the relevancy and timeliness of your campaigns. You can use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action.

4. Email marketing makes it easy to personalize content for better response rates

Email marketing makes it easy to personalize the messaging and content you deliver to subscribers. Using data that you’ve collected from your subscribers and leads, you can work to provide more personalized and relevant content that your readers are more likely to enjoy and act on. This can improve both your open and clickthrough rates as well as your overall conversion rates.

5. You can make your email marketing interactive

As the importance of email marketing continues to rise, so will email interactiveness. Rather than sending the subscriber to a landing page right away, you can provide different types of interactive content within the body of the email. From embedded video content to email carousels, interactive content keeps consumers interested and engaged before they head back to your site to take action.

6. You can quickly and easily measure your email marketing efforts

A case in point

The Open University wanted to drive sales of degrees using a fully responsive and automated email system.

A segmented database and email system was built using the Pardot CRM system. User databases were developed based on email and website behaviour. Users were moved from different segments of the database based on the level of willingness to purchase a degree and over what time period, and subsequent email campaigns sent accordingly. The system was fully automated and responsive.

Over 18 months recruitment of international students increased significantly.


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