Latest SEO success

With current client Propress we have achieved our goal with our SEO work of getting Propress Australia to top 3 ranking for the largest target search term.

Following optimisation work on the website, cleaning of links, building new links and improving page load speeds the site now ranks #2 for the search term ‘steamer’ and #3 for ‘steamers’. Each of these terms has a monthly search volume of 18,100 searches, with a #2 position typically taking 17% of impressions, which translates to 3000 extra visitors, not to mention the tail effect from related search terms.

This ranks ahead of big players KMart, Amazon and Tefal; and shows just what is possible with limited resources (no budgets for developing large links from the press etc) but with a strong knowledge of SEO and an attention to detail to optimise the things that count.

Propress is also now ranked for a number of other search terms including ‘clothes steamer’, recently achieving #4.

Revenue from organic ranking in June accounted for 32% of sales for the Australian business, with a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of just £23. With the new ranking results this is expected to at least halve and beat the previous lowest CPA channel, Google ads.

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
Matthew has 20 years director level experience in digital marketing and website development (working at a number of ecommerce businesses including Scholastic, Dada, McAfee and The Open University). Matthew founded Jam in 2000 in parallel to his digital marketing career but over time has moved to 100% focus on building the Jam business and a team of highly qualified digital experts.

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