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Inbound link building is an activity that’s often left as an afterthought by our SEO experts. Businesses pay little initial attention to link building because first you need content, right?

It also requires marketers to venture out and engage with authorities who may find our content interesting. At the precise time when link building could propel our marketing from good to great, we tend to behave like online introverts, our marketing energy waning with the thought of engaging other bloggers, content syndicators and social media communities.  Big mistake.

Here are 5 techniques you must use:

New and unique content

Content volume is important, but long gone are random and out-of-context link exchanges as a method to improve website ranking.  Your content must be a resource worthy to be a reference for others.  You need to spend quality time and write origonal engaging content.  As a discerning reader, you’ll choose to consume content that you perceive as valuable.  This is the type of content others will link to, or share with others.

Make Content Linkable

This is the most important step of all.  Make sure readers can easily share or link to your posts. Make sure social network buttons are visible along with your content post.

Target the Right Audience

Befriend experts within your industry, and do so with compelling content.

How do you find and get to know these authorities? Three ways.  Visit their blog or follow them in social media and engage them with comments; the type that generate a response. Build relationships with them spontaneously by sharing their content in your own social networks. Promote your blog comments with tools like Commentluv, Disqus & Keywordluv.  All this builds relevant traffic to your site and organic SEO. Promote your own content on relevant content syndication sources.

Use the Social Content Community

Lastly, we advise clients to leverage the best social content voting and publishing tools to promote their content and generate high-value inbound links.  Sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and reddit all hold high page rank value.  This makes them authoritative and extremely valuable for link building.  Write outstanding content, optimize it with the appropriate key words and tag it in the right categories, and people who search for authentic, authoritative information will find your work via these sites.  The better your content, the more organic linking will occur between social publishing sites, readers and reader’s blogs.

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