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SEO experts

SEO experts

SEO experts, JamComm are here to help you build your success online; not just from our range of services but also from regular free articles we post in this blog section.

Why we think we are SEO experts?

It sounds a little arrogant to make such a claim, ‘SEO experts’, but sometimes you have to say what you feel, and we’ve been helping companies build their organic ranking on Google for 15 years now. Companies such as McAfee owned by Intel, but also smaller companies such as Futurelex and Bin Weevils; where we have moved target terms from pages 4 and below to positions 1-3.

The opportunity SEO brings?

As I have stated in other posts, by moving to the #1 position you transform from taking 1-2% of Google traffic at lower ranks to over 40%. It’s that polar. And when you think that the most niche search terms have at least 300-400 monthly searches, that’s over 100 clicks a month from just one search term, and these are high quality users that have actively searched for your services.

The return on investment is also a powerful argument. SEO experts tend to charge between £2,000 and £5,000 a month (larger companies will pay £8,000 to £10,000 but for that the services are more enhanced – see below). So assuming you start at £3,000 a month, and you optimise 20 terms, and these 20 terms give you 2000 clicks a month, the ROI is £3.

Compared to advertising on Google with a Cost per Click of £2-£3, the ROI looks comparable. But three big advantages:

  1. Higher quality traffic – this can be argued but we find the traffic can have higher conversion rates
  2. Tail of additional search term traffic – the tail when you do SEO work from all of the related search terms can often be larger than the origonal targeted terms
  3. SEO brings additional traffic – out-reach work drives general traffic to your site at the same time as building links

SEO experts plus

I wasn’t sure what to call this section, so I went for ‘SEO experts plus’ to describe what an enhanced SEO expert service could look like.

Although made up of a lot (and I mean a lot) of components in our standard SEO service, we also offer an enhanced SEO service where we build highly origonal content for out-reach work. So instead of simply re-purposing your web content or even just promoting pages to other sites to get links, we build high quality interactional and original content that web publishers want to publish in their own right.

Infographs, videos, interactional images; the lot. We research your site and your wider industry to come up with new innovative content for publishing and build long term relationships with publishers to feature the content on a regular basis. In return the publishers provide high quality links back to your site and a lot of the time to related content you hold.

The other area, and I have talked a lot about this in related articles and the design and structure of your site. We have worked from the ground up with some clients to build a site that both users will enjoy using and search engines will love ranking.

Speak to us today about what we could offer your business.





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