SEO Experts – how we reached page one? is now showing at #5 on Google SERPs for ‘SEO experts’. The Open University is #2 for ‘degree’, under Wikipedia see for yourselfSo how?

The key was focus. And focus on quality of content.

See our other results.

As I have written in other posts, Google has moved from a vast array of signals to rank sites to an emphasis on the quality of content and, in turn, the metrics it sees on users of the site. The more the site is designed around your target term, with genuine readable and enjoyable content, the better.

Gone are the days of massive programmes of link building and keyword stuffing. Yes some link building is good to have, to drive traffic to your site and show Google your site is in demand, but the core is having an easy to use and relevant site that visitors will enjoy, penetrate and return.


So Google has in effect made it easy for us. We simply need to build a site that is easy and fun to use – what we all want to do right?

So web owners, go forth and build your site with great content, do it often, and make sure it’s well written, interesting and focussed on your subject matter.

Do this and you will see results.

Yes you will still need a well designed/coded site, and yes you will need to keep an eye on your performance through GA, but the biggie is strong content, written by a qualified content editor, around interesting themes concerning your subject matter.

And regularly updated with new, unique content.

Remember, the term SEO Experts is highly competitive with the very people expert in this area, so what we are saying here is is important.

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