SEO experts: do they work

So many clients ask (and so they should) what proof do I have of SEO working. What ranking changed and what did it do for the business.

Fair enough I always say – you should be asking these questions.

Ranking of SEO experts

The ranking of the term ‘SEO experts’ is a good example in itself. Surely if an SEO company can rank above other SEO companies and for such a sought after term as ‘SEO experts’, then surely they must know what they are doing?

Yes, to a point. I would go further though. When you rank a client’s site you will usually have the benefit of existing in-links from the time they have worked with other sites and exchanged content and links. But the real test would be ranking a site for ‘SEO experts’ when you have very few links.

That is true for Jamcomm. We have links to our site, sure, but not for the term ‘SEO experts’. Normally when we do work for a client we will ask for a credit link using the link text ‘Site designed by Jamcomm’ or something like this, but never have we asked for ‘SEO experts’. It just wouldn’t look right on their site.

Nor do we buy links from a range of miscellaneous sites. So our ranking is achieved purely from site content. We are ranked #6 for ‘SEO gurus’ and moving up fast on ‘SEO experts’, just from these articles. Why?

Quality of content

Google wants all sites to have high quality content. By focusing on the user as we do on our site pages, and ensuring a good user journey Google will rank your site. We are proof of this.

Just check out how many in-links we actually have. True we would build for your site, but it wouldn’t be the priority. The priority for SEO from us is designing your site to have an excellent user experience, and then the ranking will come. So a win-win – users stay on your site and convert, and you move up the rankings.

So that is what we mean by SEO experts – a company that can rank for SEO experts just from the quality of its content.

SEO experts keywords

Is this page stuffed full of SEO experts keywords to get ranked? No, this is simply a page with relevant, high quality informative and good content that Google can see provides the user with what he or she needs.

So watch us over the next few weeks as we climb Google for ‘SEO experts’. We are currently #20 and moving up daily.





  • I could agree more! Bravo!

    Even though I am an agency in the SEO field so a competitor, I couldn’t agree more with what Matt says here – so true and hopefully removes the cowboys from this industry.

    1. Yes I have had experience of those ‘cowboys’. I was hoping that by now in 2015 the web would be clean of cowboys.

      The problem is as far as I understand there are no formal qualifications for seo experts to use/get measured against.

      Someone like Google or an ecommerce expert should launch!


      1. Hi Paul
        Thanks for the reply, and you are right. There isn’t any quals for seo experts – seems like we are stuck for the moment at least with the process of validation using testimonials and case studies but yes, wholey unreliable.

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