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Here I want to share some of the SEO work we did with our client Futurelex that delivered 40% of new enquiries…

SEO experts performance

We want to share some of the SEO techniques we put in place with client Futurelex and what was achieved.

First, what was achieved?

In terms of ranking, a total of 19 search terms at number 1 on And not for small search terms – ‘personal injury lawyer’ (average of 1000 UK exact match monthly searches), ‘legal advice’ (3,600), ‘divorce lawyer’ (3,600), ‘conveyancing solicitor’ (8,100) and so on. In addition to what we call the ‘generic terms’, we developed a huge tail of ‘specific terms’ (these being 3+ word terms) which although much smaller volumes, have much higher conversion rates online (as you would expect with more defined searches).

We also delivered ranking on a local level, with number 1 positions for ‘lawyer Manchester’, ‘solicitor Birmingham’, and so on.

In terms of traffic, SEO developed to account for an incremental 40% of traffic to the site, and with THE lowest cost/enquiry metric in the business (even within the first 6 months taking in to account SEO upfront costs and the initial slow build of performance).

Second, techniques used by our SEO experts?

We are happy to share these. Techniques move on anyway so please don’t assume you can apply these tomorrow and get the results we achieved, but they should help spark ideas for you in terms of what you may need going forward.

So let me list some of the key things our SEO experts did to achieve the above performance:

  1. Article production – write original advice articles, developed 20+ variants, send to hub article sites to send out to blogging sites. Articles are completely original, relevant and not copied in any way from other sites. Variants are developed manually not re-sorted paragraphs of the original article. Articles must be independent and not promote the site, the only link to the site being to credit the author. If not blog sites simply won’t list – there has to be something in it or them!
  2. Virtual office locations – mailboxes set up across the UK, then office locations set up in Google in preparation for local SEO content to be published
  3. Local video content – video variants of the main corporate video were developed and published on Youtube with links to local office content
  4. Manual link building – targeting sites linking to competitors, ontacting links to the site from advertising and PR and amending to point to keyword pages with correct anchor text. Manual work is very important – and the development of relationships with SEO marketeers at large sites

Why we claim to be SEO experts?

Well actually we don’t. What we are though is hard working, passionate and always testing new ideas to push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

The big thing at the moment is the quality of content (you can see this on and the advice section – these have already achieved top 3 rankings with just 1000 links).

But please explore this Blog section or just call us, we can definitely help.


Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
Matthew has 20 years director level experience in digital marketing and website development (working at a number of ecommerce businesses including Scholastic, Dada, McAfee and The Open University). Matthew founded Jam in 2000 in parallel to his digital marketing career but over time has moved to 100% focus on building the Jam business and a team of highly qualified digital experts.

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