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Ranking results

Let’s start this page, not with a list of skills we have as an SEO agency, but with just a few examples of what has been possible in terms of top 5 rankings on Google:

  • #2 on Google Australia for ‘steamer’ (18,100 monthly searches) and #3 for ‘steamers’ for Propress Australia
  • #3 for ‘clothing steamers’ (33,100 monthly searches) for Propress UK
  • #1 for ‘drink spiking test’ for CYD
  • #3 for ‘antivirus protection’ (10,000 monthyl searches), #3 for ‘internet security’ for McAfee
  • #1 for ‘show security’ for Showsec
  • #1 for ‘degree’ (100,000 monthly searches) for The Open University

How an SEO agency can help your digital performance

Of all the digital channels, SEO is by far and away the most lucrative. If you’re using Cost per Acquisition (CPA) as a KPI measure of your website performance, then Organic traffic beats all the others by quite a margin.

Not only is the traffic opportunity larger, but the CPA is a lot lower (often under £10, depending on the industry you operate in), and the conversion rate to purchase of this traffic significantly higher.

A great deal goes in to making your website rank in the top 5 but the main take away at this point is that not will an SEO agency improve your revenues but at the same improve the User Experience (UX) of your website, which in turn gives better performance to your other digital channels.

That’s because Google’s algorithms now focus on the UX to decide where to rank sites (well, it’s main criteron, there are actually over a hundred criteria).


What does an SEO agency do to drive your ranking?

There is a long list of actions to drive ranking, as you’ll find if your do some research on Google. But here I want to list out some of the key drivers from our experience working on SEO for clients:

  1. Back links – Despite all the changes in algorithms from Google, still one of the most important drivers of ranking is the number and (importantly) quality of links. Links need to come from high traffic, credible sites. You don’t need as manay as you might think, but they have t be good quality sites (sites with credible content) with relevant links to your site.
  2. High quality user content – it is all about the user experience for Google. They have to see evidence the user enjoys being on yout pages. From bounce rates, to time on pages, to exit rates Google need to see good UX metrics.
  3. Technical content – this is more the functionality of the site, here we are looking for 5xx codes, 4xx codes, missing title tags, missing meta descriptions, density of html to content, duplicate content, crawl issues, broken images, links without text, redirects, broken JS and CSS files, etc.
  4. Page load speed – another UX measure for Google, and important for mobile which can struggle to load if code is excessive or faulty
  5. Toxicity of links – you can’t stop people linking to your site, so sometimes you may need to send Google a disavow list of links to ignore.
  6. Point 6 is all the other activities needed, which can run to over a hundred

Case studies of SEO in action

In brief, a recent case study showing us in action as an SEO agency is Propress Australia.

Despite a relatively low number of backlinks, the site has achieved a ranking position of #2 on Google Australia for the largest of its target keywords ‘steamer’, ahead of top Australian businesses JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Harvey Norman, K Mart and Tefal.

This was achieved not from large marketing budgets but from an attention to detail. Ensuring each and every page on the site was technically optimised and optimised with clear and well written content and media assets.

To read more about our SEO techniques go to SEO tips and technques.


SEO projects.


SEO projects managed

Some campaigns driving over 50% of the total sales of the client’s business.


Years in SEO

Running projects for small start ups to large multinationals.


The number of years some clients have stayed with us

Some clients have stayed with us year after year to continue enjoying the digital growth from SEO.

Average revenue growth from our work

What people say about us.

“Matt has an exemplary understanding of digital, both in terms of the strategy and the tools needed to drive a businesses growth but also the execution.”

– Harry Walker,
Industry Head Retail & CPG, Google UK

“Unbelievable value for a website – and we are still enjoying their maintenance services 4 years later.”

– Simon Wright
GM, Four Winns UK

“Great service and very forward thinking and innovative! Highly recommend using this company. “

– Katie Burrington
Managing Director, CheckYourDrink Ltd


“If you’re looking for a top-notch agency that delivers outstanding results with a personal touch, look no further than Jam Communications. Matthew Brown and his team are truly the best in the business. “

– Alessandro Sordi
Co-founder and CEO, Nana Bianca

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