Responsive design

Wanted to explain Responsive Design quickly and its importance when planning and commissioning a new website build.

Responsive Design is where the code is written to allow the site to adapt to the device the site is being viewed from.

Nowadays it is relatively straight forward to build this in to a web design project but it has to be specified at the start and rules agreed as to how the pages will need to appear in the different formats.

If a site costs say £3k to build, adding Responsive should only add around £500 max, but if left to be done as a later add on it could cost over £1000-1500.

And nowadays with over 20% viewing your site from mobiles and another 10-20% from tablets you would be crazy not to have as part of the brief right at the start, and with most sites offering this these days your site would be frowned upon by users if they had to view all of the pages in the standard pc format.

But at the same time as I am saying you should have at the start and that it will cost more, don’t be fooled in to having to spend vast amounts. This is relatively simple work for a programmer and pretty standard for most professionally designed sites.

Hope that helps, Matt


Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
Matthew has 20 years director level experience in digital marketing and website development (working at a number of ecommerce businesses including Scholastic, Dada, McAfee and The Open University). Matthew founded Jam in 2000 in parallel to his digital marketing career but over time has moved to 100% focus on building the Jam business and a team of highly qualified digital experts.

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