The Brief

Drive growth online for Propress, including the launch of the new MINI

The task was two-fold: firstly to deliver a substantial growth in quality traffic through digital channel marketing, and secondly to develop and optimise the website to maximise conversion of traffic to purchase.

And to do this for both the UK and Australian businesses.

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A few things we did

Work over the first 12 months was intensive and covered four key areas.


Work included a complete re-write of the sites’ architecture and content, link building work, UX optimisation (through test and learn), site speed work, and content creation.


A range of digital channels were tested, and the mix optimised. These included SMM, Affiliates, and Email. SMM has become one of the leading traffic driving channels with regular prospecting and remarketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


The launch and optimisation of Google ads by our ads certified team. Covering Search, Shopping, Gmail, GDN and Remarketing; ads were continually optimised including a range of AB tested landing pages.


One of the key pillars to revenue growth was the installation of a range of performance improvements to the websites. A sigificant increase to the site’s functionality, content and UX enhancements. CRO work included redesign of product pages and cart ooptimisation to increase cart conversion rate.

The results?

+72% year on year growth in revenue for Propress UK and +95.5% for Propress Australia – in just 12 months of optimisation work.

Digital marketing optimisation

SEM and SMM: More than 100% reduction in the Cost per Acquisition from digital marketing channels over 12 months.

SEO: Top 5 ranking of core search terms.

Email: automated campaigns set up achieving significant revenues from very low cost.

CRO work

Conversion rate to purchase increased by 66% over 12 months.

Site speed improvement of 400% and improvements to a range of UX KPIs.

Revenue growth

For Propress UK: +72% increase in net sales revenue (for period 27/5/21-26/5/22 versus the previous 12 months).

For Propress AUS: +95.5% for the same above period.

Nothing short of spectacular

Jam Communications was appointed our digital marketer in August last year. The progress since has been nothing short of spectacular. Overall sales have doubled in 12 months. We have grown our sales to our existing customers, but most of the growth has been to new customers and new markets. Pleasantly, our Ads budget has halved in that time, Matthew has achieved this through SEO. It has changed the business.

Marc Bourrigan
Director, Propress Australia Pty Ltd

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