Build and optimise a 
comparison platform for home improvements

To build a platform that can match a homeowner’s requirements for home improvements to a shortlist of available tradesman including a comparison of prices and services. In short an online quotation service for home improvements work.

The build

The key elements

Basket system for ‘Jobs’

eCommerce functionality for homeowners to browse ‘Job’ elements,  build a basket of requirements, and select from a shortlist of matched available tradesmen.

Member centre

A Tradesman member centre allows members to set profile, skills, prices,  availability and user ratings. 

Matching service

Matching of Job requirements is based on matching skills, location, and availability. Matching and subsequent communication between homeowner and tradesmen is via Priceatrade Inbox tendering system.

Other features

Other features include an Advice section, Tradesmen invoicing and User ratings.

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How it compares to the competition

Priceatrade was designed to take online home improvements to a new level. Existing platforms are either simply directories of tradesman services or an enquiry submission service, passing leads to numerous tradesmen to follow up with calls to homeowners.

Online quotation service

The Priceatrade platform removes the entire search and quotation process homeowners have to go through.

Unique for tradesmen

Now tradesmen has a platform where they can schedule in work quickly and easily, without the costs and risks of submitting quotations that don’t convert to work.

From click to price

Instead of meeting various tradesmen, waiting for quotations, struggling to compare quotes, and not knowing the quality and reputation of each company; Priceatrade could handle all at the click of a few buttons.

Scaleable and can apply to other sectors

TThe Priceatrade platform design can be used for a number of different industry sectors, and expanded to other countries.

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