The brief

Step change online traffic and maximise
online conversions to achieve rapid growth

Haygain was ready to get the most from digital, with a particular ambition to develop the US market. The challenge was to launch 10 e-commerce sites across the world and make them perform – quite a challenge.

Our work

A three step plan.



First step was the training and recruitment of staff to transition from offine marketing to digital.

Next to  launch the full remit of digital channels (SEO, SEM, SMM, Email, Display Network, Ambassador, Digital PR).

Then a programme of AB testing to optimise performance and UX metrics on landing pages. And all of this across several countries (in particular UK, USA, Australia, and Europe via distributors).



A total of 10 new e-Commerce sites were designed and launched to replace previous websites.

Shopify was used as the e-Commerce CMS with a range of plugins to style pages and add functionality.

Analytics coupled with design tests were carried out to run CRO and optimise a series of UX metrics.



A central component to the digital marketing activity was Content Marketing.

A full and detailed plan of news stories was created and constantly updated, aligned to key customer agenda news, research and events.

This was then co-ordinated across the websites and on the full range of social channels. An important element within this was an intense ‘Ambassador Programme’, signing and promoting over 50 top international event riders to endorse Haygain.

The results?

A number of impressive results, but the one we like most is a 300% increase in sales over 4 years, and the successful launch and expansion of Haygain in the USA.

Olympic rider endorsement

An intensive Ambassador programme saw the signing of the top 40 international riders to endorse the brand.

Websites optimised for speed, UX and conversion

UX and Conversion optimisation work led to a doubling on the conversion rate over 2 years.


Rapid growth in revenue

Strong growth in the UK and European markets plus exponential growth in the USA gave an overall trebling of sales over 4 years for the business.

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