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Haygain is a leading supplier of health equipment for the equine industry.


To grow the Haygain business internationally through digital marketing.

Open Project
The Challenge

Grow Haygain internationally through digital.

Digital marketing was relatively under-developed at Haygain. The brief was to work on a ‘blank sheet’ basis and determine the digital levers to achieve strong and rapid sales growth on an international level.

Elements of work

4 areas of work


Digital marketing

The full remit of digital channels (SEO, SEM, SMM, Email, Display Network, Ambassador, ePR and CRM) was launched, tested and optimised across 5 key markets (UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, and the USA).


Website development

A total of 10 country based e-Commerce sites were designed and launched.

Analytics coupled with AB design tests were carried out to optimise UX metrics and conversion rates.


Content Management

A key component to successful expansion was Content Marketing; used to drive Social Network Marketing, Google Advertising, SEO, ePR and Website optimisation.

A comprehensive plan of content was managed weekly, and synchronised across the channels to maximise impact.


Ambassador Marketing

An important element within Content Marketing was an intense ‘Ambassador’ programme, signing and promoting over 50 top international event riders to endorse Haygain.

Test and Learn

AB Testing and Performance Analytics

Websites and digital channels were optimised weekly based on AB design tests and detailed data analytics on results.

This approach was key for launching in to the USA market.

The results?

A number of improvements to KPIs, but the one we like most is a 200% increase in sales over 3 years, and the successful launch and expansion of Haygain in to the USA. View website.


200% revenue growth

50% reduction in CPA
100% increase in conversion rate
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