The Requirement

Required for this site was quite a list, including:

  • Matching php process between user and member details
  • Shopping basket functionality
  • Matching to job, geo, timing, quantity
  • User and member inbox and messaging
  • Auto billing to members
  • Member profile and testimonial section
  • Rate a member functionality for users
  • CMS to update advice pages and product listings
  • Email and SMS alert system
  • Matching ‘fairness’ system
  • Responsive design for cross platform
  • CMS performance reporting


Web design

A lot of time was spent on the design process – research, testing, simplifying; to create a simple, easy to use site for regular use.

The CMS was built from the ground up using Cake PHP on an SSL server.

Site structure and page content was designed for maximum usability and SEO – already after 6 months the site ranks #3 for bathroom specialist and #5 for kitchen specialist, and top 10 for a whole host of other terms.

The site is completely scaleable, designed to allow additional industry sectors and countries to be added at a later time.


Key features

It’s matching process and the process from lead to instruction, responsive design, email and SMS alert system, shopping basket, bespoke CMS build, article section for CMS operator to upload regular posts, and its design for SEO.


This site can easily adapt to take on new industry sectors other than home improvements; car repairs for example. It can also operate outside of the UK.

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