The Brief

Metametrics was a start up CRM business based in Malmesbury with a talented staff from large companies such as Brann. As part of the launch they needed a high impact new website and a CMS system that was easy to maintain and low cost.

The Solution

 The site was built using WordPress which meant the CMS was free to use (being Open Source) with the benefit of free and regular software updates and new plug in functionality to add to the site’ design going forward.

Low cost but expandable

BY using a free CMS the site was completed at very low cost but by using a CMS such as WordPress, one of the largest open source CMSs, the site could be scaled up in the future at no extra cost (just people hours to add Plug Ins and build out content).

Fast turnaround

The brief was to achieve a launch within 6 weeks. This was achieved and full handover instructions issued and briefed within the time allowance.

WordPress is popular

It’s rated by most top level web designers. In fact we use WordPress for our own site! So here you can see what it is capable of, and we can build your site using the same CMS.

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