Google toughens up on non secure sites

This is major news, and I wanted to share it, just in case it missed your radar.

This month Google is changing its Chrome browser warning of non secure sites.

This will happen in 2 stages. Initially for any web page that asks for  password details or personal credit card information, and it’s not a secure page (i.e an SSL page using HTTPS in the URL) a ‘Not secure’ will be shown as below. This is Chrome 56.

pic 1

But it doesn’t stop there.

A further Chrome release will label all non-HTTPS pages as in the incognito mode as not secure (as users expect increased privacy in this mode) and then (and this is the significant one) will label ALL plain HTTP pages, without SSL, with the following:

pic 2

This is obviously quite a turn off for users of normal information pages of a site. So you really should go and get an SSL certificate ASAP! This will convert all of your pages on to HTTPS, and give the following benefits:

  • Security to all web pages regardless of content
  • Provide the browser with user privacy
  • Support HSTS that will provide a browser error if the site is not secure
  • Support HTTP/2 providing higher performance and less latency
  • Higher search engine optimization (SEO) for Google
  • Higher trust indication with a green lock icon and no “Not secure”

Once installed you will have a green lock icon.

Share this with others please so more can benefit, and if you need help to complete, contact me today – we should be able to get things done in time 😉



Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
Matthew has 20 years director level experience in digital marketing and website development (working at a number of ecommerce businesses including Scholastic, Dada, McAfee and The Open University). Matthew founded Jam in 2000 in parallel to his digital marketing career but over time has moved to 100% focus on building the Jam business and a team of highly qualified digital experts.

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