Can SEO experts really make a difference?

Something we get asked all the time – can SEO experts really have the sort of impact they claim and make significant increases in online revenues?

Well, in short, yes. I’m afraid so.

Why am I afraid to say? Well, they say for most things in life if it’s too good to be true it probably is, and I agree. But when it comes to SEO and what SEO experts can do to drive online results, the impact of maybe just 3-6 months (and then some maintenance ongoing for thereafter) is nothing short of incredible.

A site we worked on in 2008 ( which has since stopped trading) went from zero to generating 40% of its online traffic from SEO. The remaining 60% came from an ad spend of £2.5m just to give you a feel of what 40% of worth.

So what value can SEO experts actually add?

Ok, well at the risk of repeating my other blogs, a ranking of #1 for a term on Google can mean as much as 40% click through rate. That’s 40% of people who search on a term, then click through on your listing to your site.

But its more than that in reality. Let me explain. If you engage SEO experts they will typically develop content that can be sent out to websites (called ‘outreach’) to publish and in return for adding free content to their site they will usually give a link back to your site. In doing this you not only add ranking strength to your site and therefore the intended ranking benefit; but also chunks of traffic flowing through; and guess what? Traffic also means business, and in turn signals to Google that your site is popular and worth ranking; so a double whammy.

How long to SEO experts take?

Another popular question – but impossible to answer. SEO experts shouldn’t actually say until they have started the work because even knowing the search terms you want to rank for, SEO experts, if they are worth their salt, can’t say until they understand the competition for the search terms and the performance of your site, which my other blog article covers.

Because until you have adequately designed the site for SEO and your target terms, you will be forever held back.

Which SEO experts to use?

Simple. Just use your common sense – see who you can trust and who shows case studies and testimonials. See out the SEO experts that don’t blind you with science – like most things, it’s a relatively simple concept and they don’t always know all the answers!

And remember, as my image shows – Social needs to be a big part of the plan. More later.


  • Hi Matt
    Great post, we are updating our site and would really appreciate it if you could take a look and let us know what work needs doing please and the cost per month, and also for the following keywords how long to get on the top 3 rankings:
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  • I was looking at your site Kieran – it needs quite a bit of work in terms of navigation and page content first to put it in shape. You would first need someone to do the keyword research and sitemap schematic.

    Hi Matt – great article on SEO experts – will leave you with Kieran to reply

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