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Google Advertising – tips for setting up and optimising

We give you the principles and tips for setting up effective Google Ad campaigns

How to kill the bounce rate?

Reducing a site’s bounce rate can be one of the biggest opportunities for e-commerce marketers. Here we look at typical bounce rate levels and what techniques can be used to bring levels down.

SEO checklist to make your site stand out

A full checklist of on-page optimisation tips to get your website to stand out with Google and pushed up the rankings.

SEO and the top driver of ranking: Backlinks

Page content will always be up there as one of the important factors for search engine ranking, but the #1 top spot belongs to Backlinks. Let’s go through the quickest, easiest and most effective way to drive your site’s Backlinks.

SEO developments for 2018

SEO is complex as you know but just wanted to give a few ideas of what’s new to driving ranking in 2018 – very top line!

What domain name to drive my SEO?

Exact match domains There was a temptation some years ago and still now for web newbies to buy what is called an ‘exact match domain’. These are domain names which include your target keyword. These were/are bought as a quick way to drive SEO. Wrong.

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