Back achieves top 5 ranking is already in the top 5 on Google in just 3 months.

We spent 6 months completing this site (it has a lot of functionality!) and can report that after just 6 months of going live it is already in the top 3 for search terms!

SEO experts deliver #3 for ‘bathroom specialist’

Yes, already this site is ranking 3rd for the term ‘bathroom specialist’ on, and 5th for ‘kitchen specialist’!

The great thing is that this ranking result has come almost 90% from content delivery, not link building. Partly the result of a well developed site structure (flat, keyword url sequencing), but also a well written Advice section (see bathroom specialist.) not stuffed with keywords but designed for the user to enjoy, key for ranking with today’s algorithms.

Content is king for SEO

SEO experts from around the world will argue what is important for ranking and we have covered a few articles on this, but the rel winner is the content on the site.

Well crafted, not loaded with keywords, but articles people will read and dwell on is the key.

To quote (loosely) from the film Field of Dreams ‘make it and they will come (sic)’, meaning if you build quality content you will get quality users, and quality users Google sees and ranks pages accordingly.


Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
Matthew has 20 years director level experience in digital marketing and website development (working at a number of ecommerce businesses including Scholastic, Dada, McAfee and The Open University). Matthew founded Jam in 2000 in parallel to his digital marketing career but over time has moved to 100% focus on building the Jam business and a team of highly qualified digital experts.

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