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Building low cost brand awareness

A Banner Ad Agency with expert skills in the Google Display Network and a range of DSPs.


Google Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network offers immense reach for marketers. Because it places ads on such a wide range of websites and platforms, the GDN can be an effective way to reach broad, diverse audiences.

You’ll reach people who aren’t necessarily looking for your products or services in search results, and at super low CPM rates.

And we can run targeting to opimise your campaigns. You can choose from three main interest-targeting categories:

Affinity Audiences
Custom Affinity Audiences
In-Market Audiences

You can also target to demos.


A passion started in 2010

Since starting in 2010, Jam has run numerous banner advertising campaigns.

We are now the banner ad agency of choice for a number of large ecommerce businesses.

Our in depth knowledge of the ad industry, its structure and optimisation technologies mean we can take your rocket truly to the next level.


Display Networks

Our team is fully experienced in the management of Display Networks and the many Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that can be used and optimised. Display Networks can provide very low cost awareness building inventory to establish your brand.

Online digital display market

A complex marketplace but one where results can be seen quickly given the coverage.

Read Digital Banner Advertising – an introduction.


Banner ads taken to the next level

From Matthew’s work as International Marketing Director for Dada’s ad platform, he now has the bug for banner advertising, and has proven many times what can be achieved.

Working with top level DSPs like Media Math we are able to utilise complex targeting and optimisation techniques and softwares to ensure impressive conversion levels and revenue uplifts.


Campaigns by the numbers.


Google campaigns managed

Some campaigns driving over 50% of the total sales of the client business.


is the lowest CPC achieved

The lowest CPC we’ve achieved for a runaway Social Networks ads campaign is 1p.


#1 ranking search terms

We’ve seen some major business transformations from our success in SEO, some that have added over 50% of revenue in 12 months.

Average revenue growth from our work

What people say about us.

“Matt has an exemplary understanding of digital, both in terms of the strategy and the tools needed to drive a businesses growth but also the execution.”

– Harry Walker,
Industry Head – Retail & CPG at Google

“Matthew’s results were strong almost doubling site conversions via AB testing.”

– Nick Viney
Vice President, McAfee

“We have worked with Jam Communications for over 2 years…they clearly have a great understanding of SEO and digital marketing and are continually coming up with new ideas and directions to improve visibility of our web sites. They have always been on hand to quickly resolve issues and make changes.”

– Tim Oliver
CEO, Propress Ltd

Janet Sneddon

“Jam Communications, and in particular Matthew, worked with us over 3 months to provide Unilever Europe with CRM training. We were very pleased with the results, and asked them back for a further 3 months!”

– Janet Sneddon
CEO, Affinix (Unilever lead agency)

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