Virtual Digital Marketing

"The new information technology... Internet and e-mail... have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications." Peter Drucker


Peter Drucker is right, and Virtual Marketing can go further

Hiring us to be your virtual digital marketing department means you can avoid the physical costs of running digital marketing campaigns.

Like an agency but much much more.  More like staff you have reporting to you without the costs, commitment and time and effort to hire.

Now you can test the opportunity from digital without the up-front investment.

We are unique

No other agency offers this service. The ability to tap in to fully qualified digital staff without any contracts or minimum terms.

How can we offer this?

Simply in the confidence you will be so impressed with the results you will stay with us. There are no conditions; no minimum fee, no contract.

Tell us what you need and we will go in to action; setting up and managing digital campaigns and activity and reporting weekly on performance and plans to optimise.

Virtual Digital Marketing Services

See which pack suits you..

VDM Pack 1  VDM Pack 2

VDM Pack 3  VDM Pack 4

convo ”If you want to grow your online business you have got to talk to JamComm” Jerry Healy, Marketing Director, Character PLC

convo ”Very impressed. A professional and supportive business.” David Rowell, Sales and Design Director, Peak Aluminium


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