“Always deliver more than expected.”
Larry Page
Co-founder of Google

SEO Experts

We always deliver more than expected.

“Matt has an exemplary understanding of digital, both in terms of the strategy and the tools needed to drive a businesses growth but also the execution.”  Harry Walker, Industry Head, Google

And with SEO rankings we see some impressive results.

And the opportunity from SEO is sizeble. A study by GroupM UK and Neilsen based on 1.4 bllion searches from 28 million UK users on Google and Bing found that search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results by a margin of 94% to 6%. The study also found that the top three results accounted for 68% of the clicks (48% for position 1, 12% for position 2, and 8% for position 3).

So a clear argument for investing in SEO, particularly as shown below, there is also a significant cost benefit.

The cost argument for SEO over Adwords?

It’s obviously difficult to generalise but, as a guide, typically the Cost per Enquiry (CPE) for an Adwords campaign could be £40 (assuming a cost/click of £2 and a 5% conversion rate), but with SEO the CPE can be as little as £5. This is certainly the data we are seeing with our current clients.

The ‘quadruple whammy’?

In addition to the  traffic volume and cost benefits outlined above, there are two more benefits from SEO and effective organic ranking.

1. Additional traffic

With SEO work you not only benefit from the traffic from improved ranking, but the additional traffic from ‘outreach’ work. An important part of the SEO work is outreach; writing articles for other sites to feature in return for links back yo your site. The links drive ranking but they also develop streams of extra traffic to your site, traffic that is (if we are doing our job well!) highly relevant to your site’s content, and therefore highly convertable.

2. Conversion performance

Conversion rates on your site will also increase. As you start to increase the proportion of visitors that have actively searched for your service (and not been persuaded to visit from display ads) you will see overall conversions start to lift. And this makes sense, if you were pursuaded to visit something you are less willing to then go on to buy, compared with if you had sought out the service and decided for yourself without any enticing adverts to go and visit.

A case in point

Legal services business Futurelex (now part of Thomson Reuters) commissioned Jam to develop its SEO traffic.

In just 12 months SEO traffic accounted for 40% of total site traffic with a Cost/Enquiry of just £5. The average across all paid for ad channels was £25 and 6% respectively.

The site ranked number 1 for over 50 terms including ‘lawyer’, ‘solicitor’, ‘legal advice’ and ‘personal injury’; and the conversion rate lifted from 5% to 10%.

“Matthew has a great grasp of all the digital elements required to deliver excellent results”

− Mark Wyatt, CEO, Take Legal Advice