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SEO is complex as you know but just wanted to give a few ideas of what’s new to driving ranking in 2018 – very top line!

SERP features

It’s not just the ranking position that matters. SERP features such as local packs, knowledge panels, featured snippets are driving CTR.

The first page of Google has moved from 10 blue header links to an array of presentations.

Structured data

This is a way of formatting HTML of your pages to signal to Google how to present your listing in SERPs. A rich snippet can include a picture, Google ratings, and you web page section name. A regular snippet just shows title and description. Rich snippets can increase CTR by 30% according to Search Engine Land. Use a structured markup such as Schema or GoodRelations.

Be king of speed

Speed is important to Google – not just as a ranking signal but also a major UX factor. Google expects your page to load in 3 seconds. Test your pages and see the issues in WebSite Auditor.

Relevance 2.0

Google now uses Latent Semantic Indexing – by looking at billions of pages and terms used in them Google learns which terms are related and builds expectations as to the terms that are likely to appear in a given context. This helps Google determine if a page is ‘comprehensive’.

Use Website Auditor and the TF-IDF function and select a page to see a list of terms you should include.

Voice Search

Google says 55% of teens and 40% of adults now use Voice Search. Use Rank Tracker to see the terms voice searchers are likely to ask.

Mobile is big

Use WebSite Auditor to see how your site performs (using the Rechnical Factors section)

Linkless backlinks

These may be as important as linked versions. Use the Awario app to find mentions of your brand.

Personalised searches

SERPs are also based on location, search history and interests. What can you do? Nothing much but be aware and remember to check your ranking results in a depersonalised way – using the Incognito mode.

That’s about it for now, but keep watching our Blog section – things in SEO change pretty fast!


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