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Why choose JamComm as your SEO experts?

1. We strive to find out more. Google constantly changes it algorithms – we work hard to stay ahead and see things coming.
2. Our skills in Content. Quality content is vital for success in SEO – our editorial team has the skills to maximise your site’s user experience.
3. Our skills in Web Development. With proven coding expertise we ensure your site’s architecture and structure is optimised for ranking success.


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Your ‘Virtual Digital Marketing Department’


Why employ a team in your offices when we can help right now?

If you are looking to start a digital marketing campaign but don’t currently have the staff or skills in place, we can help.
For a number of clients we act as a virtual digital marketing department – with no recruitment, training, or minimum spends you can test the water with digital using our trained team.


  Google advertising

We have 15 years experience setting up and optimising Google Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for clients. We provide a dedicated account executive to manage your campaigns on a daily basis.

  Display Network advertising

If you need to build brand awareness at low cost, why not try our display advertising service. Low CPM ad rates and the use of behavioural targeting and remarketing could serve your business well.

  Promotional Partnerships

We target websites to build a range of editorial and ad exposure for your brand. We’ve worked with some big sites including The Times, FT, Autotrader, MSN, and

  Web development

If you need a new site or some work to improve your existing, we can take a free look and provide you with an estimate within 24 hours.

  Content development

Content is key for all digital touchpoints, whether it’s web pages, social sites, PR or ad creatives and advertorials, we can start when you’re ready.

  Starter package

Or if you want us to assess your business and provide a recommendation for digital and what it could deliver we could develop a Starter Package using a mixture of the above.


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